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youreyesofblue [userpic]

La vida es hermosa...

August 16th, 2006 (04:42 pm)

I forgot my password for punk connect!! Think of all the awesome cool emails I could be getting from 14 year olds going "Oh, I LOVE the exploited, especially that song sex and violence!"....eh...maybe I'm not missing much.

I hate people who avoid confrontation just to stay in their little safe boxes. What the fuck is life if you don't say something when you are offended, or have a belief? Fuck those people, say it loud, fucking scream it. I hate people who avoid talking about religion and government because they can't bring themselves to have intellectual conversations without judging other peoples beliefs or getting so angry they burst.

If you hate homosexuals, just take me off your list. I don't care if I don't talk to you at all, or I talk to you everyday, I never want to speak to you again. If I could, I would have you executed.

Next subject, we just hired this tiny guy from la selva (near san juan) puerto rico and he is so funny. he is crazy like del ray. But me and del are BFF's, he's always talking about war and making ridiculous comments and he will say things like "I loved my first wife, she was great...but then she had to go and die on me, why did she do that" and he is seriously asking you, and I'm like "cos she was a bitch?" and he agrees lol. Del's awesome. "Eggnog allergy information: May contain traces of Nog"

Anyway, enough of that. I'm getting a car. I'm not pregnant. My house is a mess. My cat's getting a girlfriend. I need a new job. I need my Emerald Isle...

Life is so beautiful.

I miss Jesus.

and grilled chicken.

but not to compare.