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youreyesofblue [userpic]

where's mah kittens at???

August 25th, 2006 (07:38 am)

I eat, sleep, live and breathe animal rights. I want to protest. I want to rescue abused, tortured and prodded animals from lab testing. I want to find those puppies, kitties, and bunnies new homes. I want to help people recycle. I want to sign petitions. I want to stall. I want to scream. I want to show everyone, I want everyone to see.

I want to crumble walls, I want to shatter glass.
I want to cut locks, and break chains.
i want to end whimpers, and I want to see wagging tails....

...for the rest of my living breathing fucking life.

I suffer from depression, so alot of times I get discouraged and feel like fighting for this is hopeless. But then I have a moment of clarity, when I see victories everyday. And I realize that this will take more than a lifetime. This will take more than just me, for more than just my years. All of us, every single one of us, can end vivesection, and all animal testing, the cruelty in slaughterhouses, and the cruelty to animals in entertainment. These are big goals, for big hearts, with two small hands and only so much time on this earth. But we will see it. And so will they...

ps- My social expirement is finally complete. it was quite enlightening and quite fucking hilarious. So far, it looks like the human race will always be lost...when it comes to loving one another. The more I  hear it, the more I like the lyrics to "where is the love"

Quote of the week: "You should pretend to be racist in the ghetto, that would be a REAL social expirement" hahaha....that sounds half intriguing....but it would be really hard to UNpretend. Besides, I got my enjoyment out of the verbal fights I got into from this one, both with the ARA pricks, and the racist idiots. note to both: you're all dumbasses. 


me thinks I spelled that wrong!!!